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At first glance, a web site created using a template sounds great!  And you donít even need a designer.  For many personal web sites, this would be fine.  But for your business, you will notice that the theme you are choosing for your web site is the same as many of your competitors!  Your site is going to look and act like every other commercially themed template out there.  And to differentiate your site youíre going to need more.  Youíre going to need a dynamic design one that will not be forgotten, with some possible web development work to top it off.  This is where PeralesNet comes in!


     Designing and Development


An Affordable Web Design Company

That Offers Quality, Customized And Professional Web

Designs For The Entrepreneur, A Homebased Business

Or Just One For Your Personal Use

Computer and Laptop Services


Computer Consultant


We consult with our customer/clients and can help guide them in making the right decision when buying a new computer.  Many people are concerned when buying a new computer that they may not make the right decision or are buying an out-of-date computer before they even set it up.


We offer:


Custom built Computers to your needs

or Computer Repair Services

Computer Upgrades with an Update Specialist

Computer Maintenance and Cleaning




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